Blockchain & Cryptocurrency events in Dubai 2022-2023

Gleb Kostarev, Regional Head of Asia, has extensive experience in marketing, operations and team managing and now leads the Asia market at Binance. He is a big advocate of innovations in the crypto industry, namely, NFTs. Prior to Binance, he was part of well-known cryptocurrency and financial companies, including the audit and consulting corporation EY and a blockchain platform. Usually, cryptocurrency events cover a range of crypto or blockchain-related topics such as decentralization, banking, governance, regulations, and applications. Topics covered also include the technical aspects of crypto and blockchain technology, available or upcoming platforms, and privacy. Other areas of concern that could potentially be discussed in cryptocurrency events include the rise of altcoins, NFTs, and the adoption of cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Week Dubai

Blockchain for Governance brings together top talent, thought leaders, and policymakers to exchange …. As part of the Toronto AI Summit, this conference focuses on advances in deep learning algorithms …. Women in AI is about the most recent technological developments as well as practical examples of …. This event brings together the latest advancements in tech and practical examples on how to apply …. Innovative leaders will gather at the Infrastructure as Code Conference, including CTOs, CIOs, ….

Eric Brown has a built up an extensive portfolio of experience that includes retail, telecommunications, marketing, and operations management. These roles saw him responsible for numerous financial protocols, securities and compliance, as well the overseeing of large teams and promotional campaigns. Mohamed Issa is Chainalysis Regional Manager for the Middle East who alongside his team in Dubai are driving trust in blockchains, specializing in technology trends including FinTech, Cryptocurrency and blockchain.

A grand finale closing party will be hosted at the “Social Knockout” by TK Fight Night , a combat event which combines fintech, boxing, and social media influencers. Bringing together sector pioneers and innovators for an immersive four days of boundless business opportunities. BONE $BONE BONE mexcglobal LUNCBURNING Go Mexc global Where’s our 1.2% LUNc opt in button?

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More than a world-class financial centre, DIFC is also a vibrant community of retail and lifestyle. Sign up to our mailing list and we will keep you informed on the items that matter to you most. Institutional adoption of Crypto Assets and risk adjusted returns & Cryptocurrency Markets, Exchanges vs traditional capital markets. This is your opportunity to get into the complete IBW community, proceed to construct connections and position yourself as a thought pioneer in this space.

  • All great campaigns were made possible by incredible clients that had the guts to say yes.
  • Recently, Paula joined forces with Swissborg Ventures, where she occupies a senior level role utilizing her expertise in blockchain technologies and venture capital to lead the investment process and promote deal sourcing.
  • Join this blockchain conference, and don’t miss out on the chance to meet the world’s most ….
  • Not just it, get a practical experience of a prominent trading platform to understand how it works in real life.
  • Before Alireza Dorfard joined Deutsche Börse Group, he was responsible for Mastercard’s Data & Services business as part of the management team in Germany and Switzerland.

Having met with blockchain technology in the same period, Başak believed that she could combine her sustainability history with blockchain technology. Then, she took part in several blockchain companies which are wallet, arbitrage platform, DeFi project and launchpad. Besides her professional career, she has co-founded one of the most prestigious blockchain-related association called Istanbul Blockchain Women in Turkey. Dr. Cagla GUL SENKARDES is the founder to Durugoru Consultancy and founding member of Istanbul Blockchain Women Association.


Yearn is one of the largest projects in DeFi, a pioneer which set a standard in lending aggregation and yield generation. It provides users with multiple strategies for yield optimization, which can vary from simple ones to very complex that use advanced developer tools. In this workshop you will learn from the Chainlink team how to use Chainlink oracles to automate trading on UNISwap v2 and more. Digital Transformation Week, Edge Computing Expo, and TechEx events that cover aspects such as IoT, AI and big data, and cybersecurity. The event, in English, will also be live-streamed for free via Binance Live online and in the Binance App for Binance users.

By supporting AAP with your contribution you are backing a team of dedicated, objective journalists to continue this work. Binance Blockchain Week Paris is an opportunity to engage in one of the world’s most important conversations and be part of the next phase of technological innovation. As the US central bank signals to reverse course from monetary tightening to monetary easing in 2023, where it will lower interest rates, this news has given traders and investors some hope. The second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum , continued to trade sideways, extending its previous weekend’s steadiness into the early week. Inventor of #BentoBox and isolated lending contract (licensed to #Kashi and @MIM_Spell)… An introduction to the Sway programming language and ecosystem — a Rust-inspired, developer-experience forward ecosystem by Fuel Labs.