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Brainwonders career counselling centre provides students with a certified aptitude test, interest test, personality test and DMIT test. During the career counselling that will be provided by Brainwonders, the career counsellor will help students understand their strengths, weaknesses, abilities, skills and aptitude. In this way, the career counsellor will help the students choose the right career path. A huge variety of career assessment tools exist, career counselling is provided using these tools.

  • The incredible platform of LMC established a sense of pragmatism about my life goals.
  • Career Counseling helps them understand their own strengths and weaknesses with regard to their present course or profession, and lets them know what career they would be suited for.
  • While career planning has always been relevant, significant changes to the traditional career paradigm and the rise of the gig economy have now made this an essential life skill.
  • Get access to our career dashboard and get information on 530+ careers, 21,000+ colleges, 1150+ entrance exams, 1100+ scholarships from 15+ countries.

With a vision to impact every aspirational person, we want to help you with getting into college, building a stable career along with taking a good care of your personal development. Sonal Bahl is an MBA and HR Director, a mom of two and now a Career Strategist, living in Belgium. She helps people by offering authentic advice on how they can have a career they actually love. After nearly 2 decades in HR and screening hundreds of thousands of resumes, she has helped recruit, build and evolve highly talented teams. So fill in the form and complete a free training by the insurance company and pass a test, after which you’ll be certified as a financial consultant and can earn money from home by selling life insurance.


There are countless examples of individuals who transformed their careers and became successful career counsellors. Despite coming from various educational backgrounds, their passion to guide students towards the right career path provided them with heights in their careers. If you have the zeal to guide students, you can become a trained Global Career Counsellor.

Students even check the top-notched universities and courses and compare them with different other universities and their courses only through college vidya’s suggest me a university. So below are mentioned college vidya’s great and silent features available on their official website. They determine students’ strengths, weaknesses, patterns, interests, by using their testing methods through aptitude tests, IQs, interests, to understand the perspective of a student. A university will never tell you other options that are better for you but we will. We will give all the options of approved universities that you can choose from and help you in selecting one on your factors. Counselling is a broad field that aims at helping people and providing them with assistance with their mental health and well-being.

Read this Q&A with Mr.Ankit Agrawal who will share about the journey…. Find out the most suitable career path and get an execution plan in just 45 Minutes. In order to avail counselling from India’s best career guidance institute, you can directly register here or contact our executive. One of iDCs service adviser would get in touch with you and explain the entire process.

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This is where the knowledge and experience of a career counselor come to help. Career counseling is a scientifically designed process where an experienced career counselor understands the needs and aptitude of every student. The career counselor takes the aid of some of the best and advanced psychometric tests to get an insight into the unique personality of the student. We at Pro Career Counseling strive to have an unbiased approach without any preconceived notions. Inputs from parents, as well as the students, are undertaken and the importance of both the inputs is considered in the final assessment. To summarize, the counseling is purely based on the students’ personality, motivations, aptitude, and interests.

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Free advice online then you may think why career counselling is needed. At each turn, you have to make crucial decisions regarding your career and that will further decide your future. With 13 years of work experience, I was an outlier, the complexity of my issues, matched by the personalised and swift expert advice.

The answer is simple No, you may research by yourself and listen to your family members. The career choice that you make now will remain with you the rest of your life and define your future. You are looking for someone who can tell you exactly which career is best, aren’t you? No, don’t expect that the career counselors will tell you exactly what you need to choose. They will provide you with information by which you can make your own decision.